Innovation & Quality

Research & Development


Takanashi has an established reputation for its cutting-edge product development capabilities. From our commitment to R&D, Takanashi has received high acclaim for many products. We also seek collaboration with companies throughout the world in our quest to seek out and develop products with excellent quality and premium flavour.

Our ‘LGG yoghurt’ is the first FOSHU (Foods for Specified Health Use) certified yoghurt in Japan, which is one of many significant achievements by our R&D department.

Expanding Network, Strong Links with End users

Through our integrated distribution network, we deliver our products to various outlets including restaurants, cafes, supermarkets and schools. In order to meet the demands of progressively changing market conditions, the sales sector plays an important role in gathering market information to be reflected in the core business functions. Our focus on quality, initiative and having the latest information makes us leaders in the dairy industry.

Takanashi develops and maintains strong relationships with end-users through our own sales companies. This system enables us to understand new market trends, as well as to better understand customer needs and wants. In our pursuit of premium quality and flavour, we have vigorously expanded the Takanashi network from our base in Yokohama, to selected leading dairy farming areas around Japan. This enables us to create fresh and delicious milk products alongside local dairy farming families.

Takanashi’s International Business Department identifies high quality products from a range of countries, as well as the best and freshest produce from Japan. Takanashi-imported products are well known for their high quality.

Highest Quality, Food Safety


Striving for the highest quality food for life…..
Takanashi is committed to providing customers with healthy and safe food. This is achieved by regular food safety audits on factories and technical visits by Takanashi’s QA staff. Takanashi has introduced the HACCP system throughout all of its dairy factories.

Our state of the art facilities and dedication to producing high quality products, is reflected in the quality of the finished product.

From the acceptance of raw materials, through the various stages of production, to the final shipment, our focus is on freshness and quality. We believe that there is a strong trust between Takanashi and the customer because of the high quality products we provide.

Organic Importance


Organic certified farm in Japan.

As organic agricultural practices help care for our environment, an important part of Takanashi’s business is to develop organic and natural products.
Takanashi identified a demand for organic products, from many of its customers. As a result, Takanashi was the first dairy company to launch organically certified milk and yoghurt into the Japanese market.


We employ the quality standard ‘ISO14001’ throughout our entire company.


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